Beautiful Wood Grain from a Diseased Elm Tree / Log Cabin Update- Ep 11.9

In the midst of making preparations for a new log cabin building season, we retrieved a dead Elm with the tractor and brought it to our portable sawmill. The live edge lumber that we produced from that old log was incredible! The grain was as stunning as it was unique. Come and join us on this rainy and relaxing day of hands-on work with natural materials. My dad and I have been on a journey to build our own log cabin. This series of videos is a 'behind-the-scenes' look of our bigger "Log Cabin on a Budget" series: Equipment I use: Solar Power Bank: Solar Panel (similar)- Propane Cook Stove- Little Power Bank- Handheld flashlight: Headlamp: Camping Wood Stove- Drone- GoPro- Camcorder- Flexible Tripod- Cordless Drills- Chainsaw (Poulan)- Chainsaw (Echo)- Fiskars Axe- Pocket Knife- Fixed Blade Knife-