Life On A Hawaii Longline Fishing Boat Please like and subscribe to our channel for more Hawaiian fishing action. Have you ever wondered where your Hawaiian seafood like ahi, mahi mahi, and opah comes from, how it's caught, and who's catching it? Hawaiian Fresh Seafood is the only supplier of Hawaiian tuna and other pelagic species that owns and operates its own fleet of fishing boats so we're in a unique position of being able to show you. We are the only direct source for Hawaii's premium catch and the only ones who can say we catch the fish we sell. So what's it like out there longline fishing in the waters around Hawaii? How do we find the fish in the vast Pacific? In this episode of Hawaiian Fresh TV, captain Ben and deckboss Glenn of F/V Cumberland Trail talk about long hours, big fish, and what it takes to make a successful fishing trip happen. Ocean to table. Hawaii longline fishery. Sustainable seafood. High quality seafood from Hawaii. Wholesale tuna. Hawaiian ahi tuna