Receiving Images From Satellites Part 2: Decoding and Demodulating NOAA and METEOR Transmissions

In a previous video we looked at how it was possible to receive images directly off of weather satellites as they pass overhead. In this video we look at the last steps of that process and how we can convert our audio recordings into beautiful images of the earth.For the purposes of this video, we only use tools that have a gui. The programs we'll use are: Audacity: WXtoIMG: LRPTrx: LRPTofflinedecoder: Smooth Meteor: LRPTimageprocessor: Instructable: For the DIY GoogleEarth project, send your captures to: __________________________________________________________________ As always, thanks to my awesome Patrons for helping to make these video possible. If you're like to support the continued production of science videos like this one, consider donating: Thanks to: -Jesse Hughes -Roshawn Terrel -Anita Fowler -Terry Fuller __________________________________________________________________ My social media links: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Website: