दिवाली के अवसर पर बनायें ख़ास मिठाई, गुलाब मीठा/Golap pitha/Poonam's Kitchen

Festivals call for a special treat! This Diwali make these edible sweet roses, no one can ever say no to! Golap pitha is a specialty from the Bangla cuisine. Assembling these roses is like a piece of cake! It doesn't require any skill to craft these roses. You and your loved ones will love it..Do try it and share your feedback! Pin this recipe at https://www.pinterest.com/pin/507851295473147909/ Written recipe at https://poonamskitchenblog.wordpress.com/2018/02/25/sweet-edible-roses-golap-pitha Ingredients (makes 10 roses): FOR DOUGH ALL PURPOSE FLOUR (MAIDA) 1 CUP (LITTLE LESS THAN 150 G) MILK (1 1/4 CUP) (310 ML) SALT (A PINCH) SUGAR (1 TBSP) DESI GHEE ( 2 TSP) For sugar syrup Sugar ( 2 cups) Water ( 1 cup) Cardamom powder( Ilaichi powder) 1/4 tsp Connect: http://www.youtube.com/poonamskitchen http://www.facebook.com/poonamskitchen https://www.pinterest.com/poonamskitchen https://twitter.com/poonams_kitchen