How I Paid Off $65,000 In Student Loans With These Simple Tips

Today I explain how I paid off 170,000 dollars of student debt in less than 5 years. I explain everything from how to budget, how to decrease expenses, how to increase income, staying motivated to pay off student loan debt, as well as what to do after you're done paying off your student loans. There is a lot to know about getting out of student debt, and getting out of student debt fast. So I give absolutely everything I know about getting out of debt in this one comprehensive guide so I can give you guys everything you will ever need to know to crush your student loan debt. How to pay off student loans. How to pay off student loans fast. The fastest way to pay off student loans. How to get out of student loan debt. Getting out of student loans. Pay off student loans. Student debt. Student debt for beginners. Content Guide ---------------------------- 00:00 Intro 00:29 Overview 01:26 My Story 02:58 Budget 05:35 Maximize Your Budget 12:15 Side Hustles For Students 15:31 Paying Off Debt 16:20 Building an Emergency Fund 18:00 Pay off All Debt 20:17 6 Month Emergency Fund 20:46 Learn Investing 21:22 Outtro Much like Graham Stephen, Dave Ramsey, Andrei Jikh, Investing with Rose, and Ryan Scribner, I share my personal experience on finance, paying off debt, saving money, and investing. Books that made me wealthier ------------------------------------------------------ I Will Teach You To Be Rich (Personal Finance) Total Money Makeover (Personal Finance) Rich Dad Poor Dad (Personal Finance) Millionaire Next Door (Millionaire Research) A Walk Down Wallstreet (Investing Guide) For Creators ------------------ How I get more views on my videos My Youtube Recording Gear ~~~~~~~~~~~ Main Camera Main Lens Sound Recorder Studio Lights