Real Estate Equity Waterfalls Explained

🔥Make sure you grab tickets to Fund Launch Live 2022 ($150 Off)🔥 Get your tickets here: Adding to the "how to start a ________ fund from scratch" series, today we are going to be talking about Private Equity and how to start a PE fund from scratch🔥 This includes: -How to structure your entities -How to find investors -How to pitch investors -How to build a track record + much, much more!!! Now if you've been an avid follower of our content, this will be a bit of a review. But if you are new, want a refresher, or are ready to get started on your Private Equity fund journey, this video is for you👊 PS - Starting in March, we are going to be doing giveaways to our subscribers every 2 weeks! The prizes include gift cards, IFS merchandise, the IFS Mini-Vault, and maybe even the IFS mastermind👀 So make sure you are subscribed to the channel to be entered! (by the way, we will probably favor our subscribers who are most active with our channel, so be sure to start liking/commenting on videos 😉) 🔴 Need more help starting your fund? Watch our free training here: Join our free Facebook group here: ================================ 🔥 Subscribe Now For Weekly Investment Fund Secrets 🔥 ================================ ABOUT BRIDGER PENNINGTON Bridger is the founder of Black Bridge Holdings - A privately run debt fund that has done over 290 deals in 38 states over the last 2 years. Instagram: