Real Life Minecraft vs Pacman

Pacman met Minecraft animation mod in Minecraft Realistic wants to turn our world into a world of minecraft. I download minecraft mod to my phone and now it wants to take over our whole world! Pac-man (pacman) in Real Life has to save us from minecraft mod!! Minecraft mods it's not roleplay ) Actor: Katy Fashchenko Director/VFX: Max Fashchenko Music (from Epidemic Sound): - Moving To Miami - Christian Nanzell Subscribe to our channel!: Our channel: Our instagram: Pacman 3d in real life (movie, game war and the ghostly adventures blitzwinger pac man 3d in humor: Pacman vs Super Mario with ghosts in Real Life: Pacman vs In Real Life: Pacman 3d vs Piano Tiles in Real Life (hologram game): Clash Royale in Real Life movie (funny moments) vs Pacman: Pacman 3d vs Tasty Planet 2 (Tales From Space Mutant Blobs Attack): Pacman 3d vs Minecraft in Real Life: