November 26 2019 Daily Tarot Reading 🌚✨Being Patient & Self love 🦢💕 #tarot #daily #tarotreader

Happy New Moon in Sagittarius ♐️ 🌚 My ipad ran out of power at 22:12 with my final the line... ‘be patient’ from the Moonology Oracle. I’m sorry about that! 🥺 However, could this be a message from Spirit for all of us? #2) when you heard Uncle Trumpet’s Coo.. could you see why we named him ‘Trumpet’ trumpet 🎺 Uncle Trumpet is a Peach Pied dove and was engaging in a deep cooing conversation with Anderson Coo Cooper. He sounds sad with his lonesome coo, but that always has been his voice. He loves to snuggle. Maybe for my next story time Uncle Trumpet will join us! 🕊Love & Light, Gazelle❤️🦌