December 16 2019 Daily Tarot Reading 😇 Gifts & Gratitude 🙏🏽🕊#tarot #tarotreading #tarotreader

Uncle Trumpet joins us today for today’s reading! ✨💕🕊💕💕Welcome Everybirdie to our channel! Please subscribe 🛎 and share your birthdate in the comments if you’d like me to have a free oracle reading on our channel celebrating your special day! Love and Light, Gazelle & the birdies 🌹🕊⭐️🍀🌹🐧 Love & Light, Gazelle❤️🦌. My post office box is listed below if you scroll down in the description! 🌹💕🕊✨🐾🌈🦋🦄🐎🦅🦉🐶🧶🐈🦩 Gazelle & the Birdies c/o Miss L. Lee Post Office Box #4 4-5499 Ontario Avenue Niagara Falls, Ontario CANADA L2E 3S4 Love & Light, Gazelle❤️🦌