तपाईंको आत्मिक जीवनलाई जोगाउने ४ कुन्जीहरू / 4 Keys to protect your Spiritual Life

ब्रह्माण्डलाई सृष्टि गर्नु हुने, अदृश्य र असीमित परमेश्वर मानिस बन्नुभयो, यो एउटा गहिरो सत्यता हो जसले हाम्रो अनन्ततालाई बदलाउँदछ। यो सत्यता बडो आनन्दको सुसमाचार हो जसले अनन्ततालाई प्रभाव पार्दछ। हामीले यो मनाउन र यसको लागि कृतज्ञ बन्न कुनै विशेष समय र ऋतु पर्खनु पर्दैन। परमेश्वर अत्यन्त सरल अनि नम्र प्रकारले संसारमा आउनुभयो। उहाँले आफ्नो महानतालाई सरलताभित्र लुकाउनुभयो। परमेश्वरको रहस्यका कुराहरू र उहाँको मुक्तिको योजना सरलतामा बेरिएको छ र यसलाई सरल हृदय अनि सरल विश्वासले ग्रहण नगरेसम्म यो प्राप्त गर्न सकिँदैन। येशू ख्रीष्ट संसारमा जन्मनु भएकै क्षणमा असीमित परमेश्वर हामी जस्ता सीमित प्राणीहरूको नजिक आउनुभयो। उहाँ अब टाढाको परमेश्वर हुनुहुन्न। हामी अब उहाँसँग भेट्न सक्छौं र उहाँलाई हाम्रो सबै परिस्थितिमा भेट्टाउन सक्छौं। धेरै छोराहरूलाई महिमामा लैजान परमेश्वरले आफ्नो पुत्र दिनुभयो। उनको जन्म र क्रूसको मृत्युले हामी परमेश्वरका सन्तान हुन सम्भव भयो यसैकारण हामी परमेश्वर प्रति कृतज्ञ भई उहाँको आराधना गरौं। The Creator of universe, the invisible and infinite God became human and this is a profound truth which affects our eternity. This truth calls for celebration as it is good news of great joy which holds eternal value. We do not have to wait for a particular time and season to celebrate and be grateful for it. God came into this world as a human being in the most unassuming manner. He hid His greatness in simplicity. The secret things of God and His plan of salvation is wrapped in simplicity that it cannot be obtained unless we receive it with a simple heart and simple faith. The moment Christ Jesus was born into this world, the infinte God came within the reach of finite beings like us. He is no longer a distant God. Now we can meet with Him and find Him in all our circumstances. God gave His Son to bring many sons to glory. His birth and death on the cross made it possible for us to become children of God and this is the reason worth celebrating and to be grateful for. Chapters: 00:00 II (1) ख्रिस्टको जन्मले हाम्रो अनन्ततालाई बदलाउँदछ । Christ's birth effects our eternity 11:39 II (2) सरलताभित्र लुकिएको महानता । Greatness hidden in simplicity 36:14 II (3) इम्मानुएल, परमेश्वर हामीसित । Emmanuel, God is with us 44:40 II (4) धेरै छोराहरूलाई महिमामानै जान परमेश्वरले आफनो पुत्र दिनुभयो। God gave His son to bring many sons to glory Friday the 25th December 2020 Speaker: Daniel Chhetri, Senior Pastor, Word of Life Church, Gangtok-737101, Sikkim, INDIA Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wlcgangtok2003 Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/c/DanielChhetri68 Source: Freebibleimages,Pexels Subscribe to Daniel Chhetri's Youtube Channel to stream our latest teachings and messages from over the years, and much more. Hit the Notification Bell so that you’ll never miss my most recent video. To reach us for your personal request for Prayer, Counselling and other important issues, you can call on this numbers and be in touch with our moderators. Contact Person: (Moderator) Pastor Pranoy Gurung PH. +91 9474531577 (WhatsApp) Pastor Bijoy Joel Gurung PH. +91 94342 57337 (WhatsApp) Mrs. Choden Lepcha PH. +91 7797888563 (WhatsApp) Email: smdc68@yahoo.co.in