From $0 to $600K per month Selling Tea at 22 Years Old | Gretta Van Riel PART 1

A step by step guide, A to Z, on how to create a profitable Shopify dropshipping store from scratch in 2019 and 2020. In this video, you will learn everything you need to know to create a successful store. Shopify Freedom Course + Unlimited 1 ON 1 Mentorship With Me: (Closing Soon) Shopify (Free Trial): eCom Hunt: I'll be showing you how to create a profitable Shopify dropshipping store the right way in 2019 - without using oberlo and aliexpress. Instead, I'll be showing you the branded dropshipping method - which is a strategy that I created and have personally used to build Shopify stores to 8 figures per year (10 million/year+) I created this long tutorial (2 hours+) because I wanted to give you every single possible step that you need to know, and all the information that you need as a beginner to start a successful online business with Shopify - and build a worldwide store and brand. I was frustrated with all the useless courses teaching to copy paste from Aliexpress using Oberlo - that is setting you up for failure and is not the right way to build a worldwide brand. I recommend you follow along, and take action along the way as I go through the video. FREE Shopify Supplier Template: 0:00 Introduction to dropshipping, how it works, as well as the best winning strategy to follow - branded dropshipping. 4:52 Common questions with dropshipping and Shopify answered - as well as intro things you need to know. 7:33 Product Research - how to find the most profitable products and the best strategies to follow. 11:52 List of the best, most profitable dropshipping niches. 25:05 Finding high quality and reliable suppliers, as well as FREE supplier template. 37:01 How to create your own online store using Shopify, picking and installing your theme, initial design and setup, settings, etc. 1:00:00 The absolute best apps to use for your store. 1:30:35 Email Marketing and how to set it up with abandon cart email sequences. 1:44:22 How to run profitable Facebook Ads + Instagram Ads + Google PPC to your store. 2:02:34 Influencer marketing and choosing the best influencers for success. 2:08:48 Final tips for long term success. COMMENT BELOW! I will respond to every single comment on this video, so feel free to ask me any questions that you have with Shopify, running ads, setting up your store, picking products - I'm here to help! Subscribe, and thank you for watching.