[COVER] ក្រមុំរាំឡក, Kromom Rom Lork, អ៊ាម វន្នី ft លីន សោម៉ា | MAKOD MEDIA

Cover SONG​ លំនាំដើម: ក្រមុំរាំឡក ច្រៀងដោយ: ណយ វ៉ាន់ណេត & ម៉េង កែវពេជ្ជតា បកស្រាយឡើងវិញ : អ៊ាម វន្នី ft Lin Souma សម្រួលតន្រ្តីដោយ: Chhit Tengrith Mix/Mastering : Chhit Tengrith if you like this Song, please give us a like. Your LIKE is very important to us. It keeps us doing our works and delivering even better quality content! If you would like to receive update on our new releases or want to support our work, please subscribe our channel Or Like Facebook page : Also Find us on: Facebook http://www.facebook.com/MakodMedia Don't Forget to SHARE it. This song is brought to you by Makod Media Note: WE UPLOAD WITH EXCLUSIVE RIGHT. THERE FORE, RE-UPLOAD OF OUR CONTENT IS PROHIBITED. Copyrighted 2019. #MAKODMEDIA #មកុដមេឌៀ #COVERSONG