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A Tesla insider reveals the 4680 battery cell line in Giga Texas is ahead of schedule, and provides a lot of information about Tesla Energy that indicates huge growth, margins and profits coming very soon. Tesla Powerwall and Tesla Megapack are both surprisingly low cost to manufacture, meaning very high gross margins and profit. In addition they're ready to scale and will be quicker to scale. Fast growth is coming soon with big profits. Also, Cybertruck may be delayed due to an ironic paint problem (Cybertruck itself does not use paint). And Model 3 in Texas might be ready ahead of schedule. ** Investing email list? Sign up: Tesla Referral: Save money on solar or get free supercharger miles: Thanks to the Vasa Law Firm in Sweden: and all my Patreon supporters. ** Please support this channel on Patreon: Get early access to videos, exclusive content, and t-shirt discounts. ** T-shirts here: Be Less Wrong shirt: YouTube channel members also get t-shirt discounts, along with badges, custom emojis and exclusive content. Join here: Thanks to our channel sponsor, my friend Joe Ramos. Check out for your IT needs - anywhere in the United States. #Tesla #Solar #Powerwall