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The #CoVID-19 Lockdown is happening all all my public shows are cancelled. Hectic brah!'s ANOTHER FULL SHOW for ya'all. I don't know why I wrote ya'all. I was unsuccessfully attempting to increase my cool factor. Let me be more me. Here's ANOTHER FULL SHOW for 'youse ouens.' Coincidentally, the show is called Doctor's Orders but it's got nothing to do with this blady #coronavirus fiasco. I did this show shortly after the 2 movies I appeared in.... 'Material' and 'Long Walk to Freedom.' It's a snapshot of my life at that particular point in time. I'm posting all my shows online over the next few weeks while we all slowly start moving underground and building our bunkers preparing for the zombies. Don't stress so much. Escape into the world of silliness for little periods of time. I don't know if Laughter is the BEST medicine, but it certainly is an effective therapeutic tool. It facilitates powerful oxygenation of the tissues even boosts the lymphocytic immune response. In any case, enjoy. If this covid-19 thing continues, I may have to go back to medicine. #RiaadMoosa #ComedySpecial #DoctorsOrders #The BestMedicine Watch my NETFLIX special ‘Why Do U Talk The Way U Do?’ On Netflix’s 'Comedians of the World’ - available GLOBALLY. My Standup Special 'Life Begins' is available for STREAMING and DOWNLOAD on my website Watch my 'Life Begins' special with Vodacom Airtime on I regularly run promo code deals on my social media Subscribe NOW to the Riaad Moosa Official YouTube Channel Stalk me here: ▹TWITTER: ▹INSTAGRAM: ▹FACEBOOK: ▹BUSINESS INQUIRIES: