60 h Winter Bushcraft - No Cordage A-Frame Bucksaw - One Lavvu Canvas Poncho - No Talking

I've been wanting to try a few days in horrible conditions without food for a while now. Hard but interesting experience. I realized right away the batteries would not last if I were to shoot everything I did during this weekend. So I had to shoot effective and I spared you the countless hours of frustrating ice fishing and me melting snow in front of the fire. Also did not include the first overnight where I set camp in the dark, and used the Lavvu as a bivy and slept in it with my Carinthia sleeping bag. First day without food was no problem. Second day all energy left me and I spent most of the day in the sleeping bag except for a few hours of fruitless fishing. Last day my body finally went into starvation mode and I had some energy back. One doesn't feel like carving kuksas starving that is for sure. Material for crafting is brought to the site and not harvested on location.